360Ground (Eldix IT Technology PLC)

360Ground is a technology & platform company

We build extreme performance, scalable & compliant mobile & web-based applications & systems with a focus on eGovernment, enterprise  & banking solutions. Our experience includes the design, development, implementation & supply of mobile & web applications for government, banks & multi national companies. 

360Ground is more than a company; it is a vision, a commitment to excellence, and a pledge to foster innovation in the Ethiopian IT landscape. Leveraging deep industry expertise and a portfolio of innovative products and services, 360Ground is geared to steer your business towards an era of unprecedented growth and success. 

360Ground operates as the trademark of Eldix IT Technology PLC, a veteran in the IT sector with over 13 years of experience based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The company is a powerhouse in designing sophisticated solutions ranging from government and enterprise management information systems to national portals, monitoring tools, and banking applications, addressing both national and regional needs.



Over 13 years delivering technology solutions 

10 billions +


Our projects have facilitated over 100 million Birr transactions since their rollout.

50 million+

People and smiles

Reached during the design, development and implementation of our projects.


Countries, territories and areas

Developed solutions and services across many different time zones!

How we work

Our Proven Process for Client Success

A strategic approach combined with deep expertise ensures seamless collaboration and outstanding results for our clients.

Step 1

Analyze requirements

Involves meeting with stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations.

Step 2

UI/UX Design

 We craft digital journeys—intuitive, engaging, unforgettable user interface and user experiance.

Step 3

Develop & test

This involves writing the code, building the system, and then testing.

Step 4

Deliver to the client

This comprises deployment, user training, and post-deployment support.

Skilled and Specialized Programmers

360Ground have highly skilled software engineers with excellent technical knowledge and experience in using latest software standards, tools, platforms, frameworks and technologies and we invest continuously in training and education, to be able to respond to any new technology challenges and demands from our clients.

We Deliver Excellence

We offer strong and stable partnerships. We have clients that have been working with us since the company was founded.

We are fond of partnerships

We are a reliable partner, managing dedicated nearshore teams for software development. This experience is illustrated by a large portfolio of successfully delivered projects. Our clients range from startups to Fortune global companies.

We mold on our partner’s needs

We are agile and ready to align based on project specificity, so our partner’s needs are always met with quality and best resources. We know both the art of matching people and the science of technology.

Culture at 360Ground

Our Company is filled with employees truly trying to help change our country Ethiopia for the better. We have very talented people work here with diverse backgrounds. Opportunity to work on really interesting and impactful projects. Commitment, dedication, and innovation is our core value in 360Ground. Everyone works together to build a trusted community and sees any mistakes along the way as an opportunity to grow and learn.